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Grime Reaper Decarbonisers for Kitchens & Rack Cleaning for Bakeries

3 Ways to Clean

The Grime Reaper Decarboniser 

A Grime Reaper decarboniser will restore your equipment to pristine condition and return staff hands to the real work. Non-caustic, non-corrosive (even to aluminium) and safe to use and handle. The Grime Reaper Decarboniser is the best and safest way to clean your air filters, oven tops, char bars, pots, pans and grills. Environmentally safe and a money saver too!

The Ractank for Bakeries

Sometimes you need something a little bigger: The ractank will take a bakery rack and up to 100 trays cleaning your bakery equipment effectively and safely. Even your aluminium trays are safe in these units .Complete with lifting apparatus and comprehensive training, the Ractank is the perfect in-house solution to your carbon problems.

Takeaway Cleaning Service

No space? No time?.... No Problem! Grime Reaper can collect, clean and deliver your racks, trays, tins and rings on a schedule to suit you. No tie-ins or complicated set ups, just straight forward cleaning. Grime Reaper will enhance your own cleaning process and give you a head start, whether it’s a one off clean or an ongoing cleaning programme.

Grime Reaper have an unrivalled reputation for delivering excellent service, complete reliability and safety to all of their customers, large or small. Our repeat business is testament to our quality service.

About Grime Reaper

The original and still the best, simple and safe to use, the Grime Reaper will get your equipment cleaner than ever possible by hand, without the need for aggressive, dangerous and expensive chemicals in your kitchen.


Simply lower items into the Grime Reaper, leave until clean, remove, rinse and use – it couldn’t be easier. By reducing the amount of labour time wasted on mindless, ineffective scrubbing and making your staff more productive, the Grime Reaper not only improves kitchen hygiene, it lifts K.P morale too.


We’re all about reducing carbon, including our carbon footprint. Environmentally aware, we have made the detergent so safe to use and handle. Worried about water costs? The Grime Reaper Decarboniser uses the same water for 30 days and still cleans to a pristine level.


The Grime Reaper comes in four different sizes and is available as a fully automatic unit or as a manual unit offering a huge choice on suitable locations and usability. Throw into the mix a range of short term and long term rentals alongside a plethora of buying options, Grime Reaper will always give the solution that is best for you.

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Who We Work With

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The Grime Reaper  works 24 hours a day every day saving you and your team time and effort. Sparkling clean results without the elbow grease. 


The cost of labour,  water bills, heating, chemicals & replacing equipment all add up. Grime Reaper reduces these costs and make the kitchen more efficient.


The Grime Reaper uses the same water for 30 days and uses a detergent that's  non-corrosive, non-caustic, safe to dispose to waste and safe to handle.


The Grime Reaper improves staff morale for removing the need for needless scrubbing, leaving your team time to focus on more important jobs

Contact Us

We've been installing and renting decarbonisers for 30 years. When you speak to us you won't get the hard sell, just open, honest advise. We look forward to speaking to you!

 Head Office

Grime Reaper Products Ltd

Common Lane Industrial Estate





Manufactured in UK

Safe on aluminium

Non caustic

Works 24 hours a day

Purchase and rental options

Flexible terms

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