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Grime Reaper Decarboniser
Carbon removal made easy


Cleaning carbon and grease off your kitchen equipment couldn't be easier with the Grime Reaper. Simply lower your items into the Grime Reaper, leave until clean, remove, rinse and use. Reduce the amount of labour time wasted on mindless, ineffective scrubbing and make your staff more productive, the Grime Reaper not only improves kitchen hygiene, it lifts K.P morale too.


Better for the environment! Reduce your carbon along with your carbon footprint, the detergent is safe to use and handle while decreasing water usage, the Grime Reaper uses the same water for 30 days while cleaning to a pristine level. 


Available in four different sizes and as a fully automatic or manual unit offering a huge choice on suitable locations and usability. Throw into the mix a range of short term and long term rentals alongside a plethora of buying options, Grime Reaper will always give the solution that is best for you.

Simply lower items into the Grime Reaper using the basket supplied, leave until clean, remove, rinse and use – it couldn’t be easier.

Sizing Chart

size chart.png

Monthly rental rates include:


  • Delivery and installation

  • Initial training and PPE

  • One recommended dose of GR Detergent per month for the full contract period

  • All equipment maintenance in the event of a breakdown

Purchase prices include:


  • 12 months warranty on all parts and labour

  • Additional warranty can be purchased

Contact Us

We've been installing and renting decarbonisers for 30 years. When you speak to us you won't get the hard sell, just open, honest advise. We look forward to speaking with you!

Head Office

Grime Reaper Products Ltd

Common Lane Industrial Estate





Manufactured in UK

Safe on aluminium

Non caustic

Works 24 hours a day

Purchase and rental options

Flexible terms

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