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Why choose us?

  • Save you time

  • Save you money

  • Give you spotless equipment

  • Extend the life of your kitchen equipment

  • Improve staff morale

  • Impress your E.H.O

  • Reduce your water usage

The Grime Reaper range of cleaning systems is currently used in some of the UK 's biggest professional kitchens and bakeries.

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The Trusted Detergent

Safe to use and handle. Non-corrosive (even to aluminium), safe for disposal to waste and guaranteed to remove carbon and grease.

The Trusted Solution

Commercial kitchens from sole traders to corporate groups already use the Grime Reaper systems to cut back on costs and boost productive hours.


Contact Us

Head Office

Grime Reaper Products Ltd

Common Lane Industrial Estate





We've been installing and renting decarbonisers for 30 years. When you speak to us you won't get the hard sell, just open, honest advise. We look forward to speaking to you!

Manufactured in UK

Safe on aluminium

Non caustic

Works 24 hours a day

Purchase and rental options

Flexible terms

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