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Grime Reaper Ractank

Bakery rack and tray cleaning


Simply lower items into the Grime Reaper, leave until clean, remove, rinse and use – it couldn’t be easier.

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Carbon is a huge problem in busy bakeries and food manufacturing. From independent artisan bakers to industrial scale producers the problem is the same. Carbon deposits can affect cooking times, lead to high levels of food waste and no-one likes to see it.  We have a solution to clean bakery trays, bakery racks, straps and tins as well as most other bakery items. Introducing the Ractank, the answer to all of your bakery cleaning needs.

Bakery Cleaning Options

Carbon Problems?

Heavy build ups of carbon and grease on your tins, racks and trays, can cause problems. It’s a real pain to get rid of and costly to do so. Carbon can ruin products and increase wastage, it can affect cooking times and just as importantly, customers don’t like to see it.

Did we mention it’s a real pain to get rid of?

The Ractank will completely eliminate these issues. Safely and effectively bringing tired, dirty equipment back to its former shining glory.

The RacTank

The Ractank will take a full rack and all other associated equipment. We can also build bespoke units to take any size of kit. Tell us what you’ve got and we’ll come up with a solution. Units come complete with all necessary lifting gear and all the H&S material you need. Add this to our comprehensive training and ongoing support, and we’ll have not only answered your prayers, but your EHO’s too.

Smaller bakery? We have smaller units too!

Takeaway Cleaning

No space? No time?.... No Problem! Grime Reaper can collect, clean and deliver your racks, trays, tins and rings on a schedule to suit you. No tie-ins or complicated set ups, just straight forward cleaning. Grime Reaper will enhance your own cleaning process and give you a head start, whether it’s a one off clean or an ongoing cleaning program. We can even offer repairs to Racks. Talk to our specialist Matt who can give you a quote and answer any of your questions.


Monthly rental rates include:


  • Delivery and installation

  • Initial training

  • One recommended dose of GR Detergent per month for the full contract period

  • All equipment maintenance in the event of a breakdown

  • Hydraulic lift or forklift jib

Purchase prices include:


  • 12 months warranty on all parts and labour

  • Additional warranty can be purchased

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We've been installing and renting decarbonisers for 30 years. When you speak to us you won't get the hard sell, just open, honest advise. We look forward to speaking to you!

Manufactured in UK

Safe on aluminium

Non caustic

Works 24 hours a day

Purchase and rental options

Flexible terms

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